Serially Published Short Stories in Turkish Daily, Cumhuriyet: A Re-digitization Project

Our re-digitization project was initiated in September 2020. It focuses on exploring serially produced or single short stories published in Turkish Daily (Cumhuriyet) from 1929 to 1940s. The digital newspaper archive, which was compiled by İstanbul University Library and Documentation Department through the "Newspaper View of History Project" is one of the main data sources of the project. The stories, which were detected in the daily, are significant part of Turkish language and literary  heritage. In this regard, we prepared a data management plan to collect metadata of the stories. We aim to re-digitize the original stories as a processible research data and open the data as accessible source of research via our own digital archive. So far more than 4.600 short stories (as metadata) have been collected and can be visualized via our webapp. Our project is still under progress and is officially planned to be set into action in 2022.