About Us

Digital Humanities (in) Turkey (DH Turkey) is an online non-profit organization, international and multilingual platform composed of enthusiastic members who aim to explore and develop digital methods and tools, follow the latest developments in digital humanities, improve and share their skills and knowledge through online or face-to-face activities (e.g. meetings, workshops, conferences, courses and training, etc.). DH Turkey was first initiated as a facebook group and later a multilingual web platform was created in May, 2020. In June 2020 DH Turkey working group was formed by nine voluntary members from different fields of study. Members of the working group are mainly interested in linguistics, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, natural language processing, big data, data/text/web mining, computer education and instructional technologies, computer/software programming, network analysis and digital data collection/archiving & analysis. Our research interests are not only limited to these fields and we always want to get in touch with other fields which are in need of digital methods.

Our network has been expanded by valuable contributions of our followers. Our web platform will be functioning as an “online school” and “consulting site” for the interested scholars and people, who want to get in touch with Turkish educational institutions, libraries and other organizations, who are currently producing digital research data. As a leading role of being a bridge between different areas of science, DH Turkey will play an important role in connecting sciences and scholars working in different areas of science with a focus on developments in the digital humanities movement in Turkey and all over the world. DH Turkey adopts and promotes Creative Commons, Linked Open Data, Open Data and Open/Free Software (GNU-Linux) movements as well as multilingualism in Digital Humanities.

As the DH Turkey working group, we want to collaborate with the organizations and circles working on DH in order to create mutual DH projects and contribute to the field by means of scientific publications. In order to get more information on us and our current projects and plannings, you can follow us on our social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Researchgate) and our website (DH Turkey). Our website is open to contributions by the followers and our followers can visualize updates on DH News, posts on DH Blog and DH events on Event Calendar. The followers can reach us via our contact form or e-mail address (E-mail: dhturkey@dhturkey.org) if they want to share their posts on our DH Blog or DH News.